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Android & iOS native apps builder for online stores based on Woocommerce, Shopify and Shops-Script. It will allow you to create a beautiful and multifunctional mobile application in a few clicks.
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Our Features

Easy-to-use mobile app builder that allows store owners to create a mobile app based on their website.

Give your customers a delightful shopping experience. Allow your iOS & Android users to shop more and
faster at your store from a native mobile app on iPhone & Android smartphones.
Build App In Real-Time
Zero bloatware, changes you make into your mobile app will be updated in real-time. Customize your mobile app the way you want.
Realtime Sync with your Store
Synchronization allows you to automatically update the store catalog in the app. All orders will go straight to your online store administration panel.
No-Code Mobile App builder
Everything will be in one place. Build and launch an app in few minutes with ready-to-use templates or in 2-3 hours with full customization, with no technical knowledge.
Native Apps with world class UI
No code mobile app builder will allow you to create a beautiful and multifunctional mobile application without using external agencies that charge high rates.
Multi language Supports
All language resources used in the mobile application are listed inside in English, you can change them at your discretion, to another language or to another meaning.
Publishing in App Stores
We will upload the mobile app to the Google Play Store & App Store ourselves, you do not need to purchase special equipment for this. No additional fees.
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Design a stunning app with ease

Choose from pre-built templates & themes, the intuitive interface lets you customize colors, layouts, and more to reflect your brand.
Ready-to-use free templates
Mobile app builder that allows each client to create own app and set up a free special design template.
Web stores based mobile app builder
B2App - mobile app builder for web stores based on Woocommerce, Shopify and Shops-Script.
Integration with other services
Send notifications to mobile apps through Firebase & receive requests using the Telegram bot.

Get a beautiful, fully-functional, and responsive shopping app for your Woocommerce, Shopify & Shops-script store on iOS and Android.

You will be able to create an application for any shop without extra cost.
You'll get a beautiful and powerful mobile app in the shortest term.
Create premium designed mobile app

Free premium ready-to-use templates for the mobile app

Premium No-Code mobile app design templates for online store with Woocommerce, Shopify and Shops-Script. Build your beautiful mobile app in one day! Let's make your project unique with ready-to-use premium templates!
Lots of different functionality for your mobile application

Catalog, cart, map, links and many other features of the application.

Design and development of a mobile application based on the needs of online stores. Create your unique mobile application with full customization of all functionalities for your business.
Let's make your project unique

Build a better Brand with B2App Mobile App builder

B2App that lets you create a beautiful and multifunctional mobile app without writing a single code and configuring templates yourself.
Pricing Plans

Simple pricing for everyone

Per Month only if Published
Per Year only if Published
Per Month only if Published
Per Year only if Published
Per Month only if Published
Per Year only if Published
Mobile app platform Android + iOS Android + iOS Android + iOS
Number of Apps 1 3 5
Server Driven View
Custom API
Disk space 300 mb 3Gb 10Gb
Number of application users 5000 15000 25000
Checking the app before publishing
Publishing the app
Support email email email
WebAssyst (Shops-script)
Firebase Notifications
Telegram Bot Integration
No additional fees
Frequently Asked Questions

Want to ask something from us?

Trust us and feel free to try our service
What if we need more limits than specified in the pricing policy?

Сontact us using the form or email us at contact@b2app.tech. Write in the message what limits are needed for your project. We will definitely help you.

Do you have separate rates for the agencies?

Yes, sure. Email us at contact@b2app.tech a few words about you in free form and we will send you a price list.

What about protecting data from our applications and integrating an online store?

We do not receive or see any data from your online stores and cannot accordingly store or use them, the integration takes place directly from the mobile application without the participation of our servers. Likewise, if a user enters your store through a browser.

If I can't find some functionality or don't understand how to use it, what should I do?

You can look at the documentation, write to us through the contact form, or hire our specialist to fully develop a mobile application for your project.

How do I publish my app?

We have written a large instruction on how to prepare an application for publication, you can find it in the documentation. But we will do the most difficult process of building and uploading the application for you. Just click on the Publish App button in the mobile app builder. Before publishing, we check each application and advise you if your application may not pass moderation.

How can I see the result of the application I created?

Just download the `Preview App` and log in to your account.

What should I do if you do not have the functionality that I need?

Email to us about this functionality, maybe we will find a solution for you.

What if we want to integrate our platform or project with you?

Email to us about your project, we will be glad to cooperate.

How do I connect my online store to the App?

You may read the complete integration guide in the Integration section of our Documentation.

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